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The return room

Return room management

Optimization across the board.

Enhance operational efficiency by efficiently sorting and prioritizing warehouse packages, slashing lead times and handling costs to expedite returns.

return room management

Return hubs for international returns.

Set up localized return hubs for cost-effective collaboration with local carriers, saving up to three times by consolidating returns. Seamlessly manage cross-border returns to cut costs and reduce emissions.

return room management

Get smarter with product decisions

Utilize automated precision and predefined product conditions to minimize errors, lighten the customer service workload, and accelerate the refund process.

Return Room Management in numbers

  • -50%

    in lead times

  • -90%

    in handling times

  • -CO2

    emissions significantly


We're always here to answer your questions. Here are some of the most common ones.

How does the platform support efficient operational work in the warehouse and return room?

We automate the entire process. We ensure that discrepancies are handled smoothly and automatically. For example, if a customer sends multiple products from different orders in the same package, we can easily identify them and create the correct refund amount. We ensure that the information is always 100% accurate before it is passed on to the ERP and WMS systems.

How does the platform support operational handling of products and product groups?

Our system provides comprehensive support for managing the operational handling of products and product groups, such as whether packaging is intact, if the product is undamaged, or if it has been used. Each step in the process gives you directives on whether you need to repackage, add a new hangtag, etc. This reduces operational costs as you no longer need to inspect each package individually. The cost per product is significantly reduced. The rules are set up in the system to ensure efficiency.

How do you optimize warehouse management?

We help with sorting physically where the item should go. Whether it should go to a specific pallet/wing in the warehouse, or be sent to e-commerce, a store, an outlet, etc. This way, you know how to optimize warehouse management. As we handle sorting, the system knows where to retrieve the item from, making the next step in the process easier.

Does the platform support prioritization and sorting of returns in the warehouse?

Yes, you can easily prioritize and sort packages without opening them. Simply scan the package to get all the necessary information for efficient sorting, optimizing the workflow.