Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

We solve the pain with returns

Manual, inefficient returns experience suck. So we created a way for shoppers to fall in love with your company. Even when returning.


How it all started

  • Once upon a retail nightmare, our founder had a vision: turn the chaos of returns into a digital dream. No more surprises, no more lost control—just returns so good, they’ll make you smile.
  • Teaming up with a returns guru, we debunked the myth that all returns are bad. Thus, our platform was born. From analog agony to automated ecstasy, we’re the rebels rewriting the returns rulebook. 
  • Join us in the returns revolution, where every return isn’t just accepted; it’s adored.

spreading smile

We turned the old mess of returns into a digital delight. A new platform was born, making retailers worldwide happy campers. No more headaches, just happy returns.

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Embracing circularity

We upped the game with a platform that goes beyond returns—it embraces circularity. Returns morph into exchanges, damaged goods find new homes on the second-hand market. It’s not just sustainable; it’s a retail revolution.

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Return mgmt

We didn’t just stop at digital—we revamped how returns are handled. It’s not a chore anymore; it’s a breeze. Returns turned into opportunities, and managing them became a piece of cake.

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the company

The dream team

United by our big (on the edge of obsessive) crush on returns. 

the company

Working at inretrn

At Inretrn, we’re not just a team; we’re a vibe. Easy-going, passionately driven, and delightfully witty. We’re not colleagues; we’re family. Dream big, work together—that’s the Inretrn way.