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Platform overview

Our innovative solutions can be broken down into three categories.

Return experience

Digitalize your whole return process to optimize efficiency across the board. 

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Streamlined operational logistics means a significant reduction in lead and handling times.

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Gain insights into the profitability of your products, customers, and company..

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Return room

Business engine

Create a digital twin that mirrors your physical return flow. Our innovative features then dictate return parameters, handle decisions on items, destinations (warehouse, hub,or store), and prioritization within the warehouse. This offers a new level of flexibility and scalability through smart functionality. 

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Our packages

Get all the right features to fit your business needs. 


Kickstart your inretrn journey with the right tools to make your return process smooth.

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Our growth package offers scalable features that work with your business expansion.

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A complete package to revolutionize the way your business handles returns, stock, and sustainability.

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