Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

50% reduction in
return expenses

THe numbers

Get inspired's KPIs

  • 10%

    increased reconversion

  • -50%

    less returns costs

  • 100%

    increased efficiency

The challenge, a Norwegian online store offering clothing, shoes, and accessories for exercise, outdoor activities, and leisure, was dealing with a fast growing returns department, heavily slowed down by manual processes. Processing a return required warehouse personnel to undergo a time-consuming manual process. Often, physical return slips were incomplete or filled out incorrectly, resulting in inadequate data insights regarding return reasons.

Due to the time-consuming manual processes, the workload in the returns department surged. To ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction, Get Inspired recruited additional staff, making returns management the fastest-growing division.

The company felt a significant need to streamline its return process while understanding why customers were returning items to minimize unnecessary returns as much as possible.

Previously, returns were a financial headache, but with Inretrn’s insights into customer behaviors, we’re boosting our bottom line by encouraging exchanges instead of just returns.

Andreas Nordås, E-Commerce Manager, Get Inspired

The solution

Get Inspired first got in touch with Inretrn via their e-commerce partner Avensia. Avensia, known for ecommerce implementation, information management, and strategy, was well aware of the challenges Get Inspired faced with its return management. 

Avensia had previously assisted other clients in solving similar issues successfully and suggested Inretrn.

Get Inspired had two clear goals with an Return Management System: 

  • Streamline their returns management
  • Digitalize returns data

With a clearly identified scope to implement digital returns, a project plan was established. Some of the features included in the scope was: 

  • Digital returns journey on site
  • Going 100% Paperless 
  • Automation of refunds
  • Real time booking of transport
  • Return Room Management

The scope was carefully followed throughout. Avensia helped Get Inspired define special challenges, and Inretrn provided tailored solutions to the problems.

We’re thrilled with how Inretrn has completely transformed our operations. Their ability to tailor solutions to our diverse requirements have truly made all the difference. Scaling up our returns management while downsizing our personnel has been a game-changer.

Andreas Nordås, E-Commerce Manager, Get Inspired

The outcome

The return experience at Get Inspired is now entirely digital. From being a rapidly growing department, the number of employees in the returns department has stabilized, and the number of returns handled per hour has increased. Warehouse efficiency has increased by 100% since its implementation.

Get Inspired now feel in control of what people are returning and why. The returns data have improved, enabling Get Inspired to collect relevant data on returns. By analyzing return data for each product and size, Get Inspired can make more precise purchasing decisions. This reduces the risk of overstock and increases customer satisfaction by offering a more accurate product mix that meets customers’ needs.

The company aimed to minimize its returns as much as possible, as they cost a lot of money and negatively impact the bottomline. By offering exchanges during the return process, Get Inspired now has the opportunity to inspire customers to choose a different item instead of returning, thus maintaining profitability. By offering exchanges for other items, the company has converted more than 10% of returns into exchanges.