Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

Increased efficiency by 90%

Kids Brand Store

From 15 clicks on different platforms to just 2 clicks on one platform to finish a return. That’s the kind of change Inretrn’s platform brought to Kids Brand Store by making their return process automated and digital. Now, Kids Brand Store can deal with 43 returns in an hour, up from 23 returns before.

The Challenges

Kids Brand Store, specializing in children and teenage clothing, recognized their need for a more efficient return process. Burdened by complex manual tasks, they sought to digitize and streamline their workflow. Their aim was to cut down lead times and minimize errors caused by human factors. Previously, it took about 15 clicks on several platforms to process a single return, a considerable challenge.

Moreover, they lacked clarity on the volume and type of returns, raising concerns about customer experience and the delay in issuing refunds. Motivated by these issues, Kids Brand Store began their search for a solution to address these challenges.

We were truly impressed by Inretrn’s deep expertise and genuine passion for revolutionizing the entire return journey. Witnessing their dedication and enthusiasm for return management was genuinely inspiring.

Joakim Häll, Head of Customer Service

The solution

Following a comprehensive evaluation of various platforms, Kids Brand Store chose Inretrn for their returns management needs.

In 2019, the company embarked on its partnership with Inretrn, commencing the deployment of an innovative digital return management platform. This project, undertaken in collaboration with Navipro, saw the smooth implementation of the Inretrn platform, all within the planned schedule.

The vision was crystal clear, and the workflow exceptionally logical. The implementation was swift and efficient, making us feel like we were operational in no time.

Joakim Häll, Head of Customer Service

The outcome

Kids Brand Store has achieved a newfound mastery over their returns process. They now have the capability to efficiently adjust warehouse staffing based on the anticipated return volumes, ensuring a consistently excellent customer experience. The ability to foresee the contents of incoming packages, whether returns or claims, as they are scanned, has significantly streamlined warehouse operations, allowing for prioritized handling and enhanced efficiency.

At Kids Brand Store, Inretrn’s platform has become an invaluable asset in time-saving. The store has impressively increased its return handling capacity from 23 to 43 returns per hour. Furthermore, they’ve drastically reduced the manual steps involved in processing incoming returns – from the previous 15 clicks across multiple platforms to a mere 2 clicks within a single platform.

“The platform’s feature enabling easy inter-departmental communication through notes has significantly streamlined our knowledge sharing. This ease of communication reduces the likelihood of errors in our return or complaint processes, minimizing human error. We regularly receive Trustpilot reviews praising our ‘Smooth returns,’ ‘Fast returns,’ and ‘quick refunds.’ We’re extremely satisfied and eagerly anticipate integrating more features into our Easycom solution!”, – Joakim Häll, Head of Customer Service

I wholeheartedly recommend Inretrn as a returns platform for any challenges you might face. Whatever solution you can imagine, it’s there for implementation.

With Inretrn, you will definitely find profitability.

Joakim Häll, Head of Customer Service

The numbers

Kids Brand Store's impressive results

  • 90%

    increased efficiency

  • +50%

    more returns handled per hour

  • 100%

    smoother returns