Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

The product journey

Our system automatically determines the best route and destination for returned items, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

We’re routing returns to the most profitable and sustainable destinations

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Products with places to be

We prioritize finding the right destination for each product. Geographical factors like whether items should remain in-country or be sent to a central warehouse for streamlined customs processing are determined. Profitability and sustainability matter too, with tailored assessments based on pricing and conditions. Once decided, we direct products, adjusting for seasonal demand and other variables.

For example, high-season items might go back to the online shop, while out-of-season items might go to low-stock stores, outlets, or even charity, depending on the product condition. This approach ensures efficient, tailored distribution for every product.

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Maximize returns and profitability 

We’ve automated our process to analyze product details and pinpoint the best distribution channels. From size and value to specific attributes and seasonal trends, we determine it all. In addition to that, we evaluate if a product’s margins make it a good fit for online resale. Our goal? To find each product’s most profitable destination, using data-driven insights to boost returns.

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Better tech means better inventory

Inretrn optimizes stock availability and distribution for retail companies. Say only 20% of a company’s inventory is available online, leaving the majority locked in physical stores after online stock is depleted. This situation is not very conducive to profitability. Our solutions empower companies to optimize returns by strategically locating inventory where demand is highest, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.

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Drop-shipping without dropping the ball

Managing drop shipment processes can be particularly intricate when dealing with mixed orders from various suppliers. Our approach involves carefully analyzing each order’s insights to determine the best destination. This means deciding whether to send it directly to the supplier or to route it through a central warehouse before distributing it to each supplier.

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