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7000h saved annually

Nordic Nest

Easy access to return data has empowered Nordic Nest to rapidly address items with high return rates, effectively reducing the overall rate while preserving customer satisfaction. The transition from a system dependent on physical delivery notes and manual matching to a streamlined, paperless process has been transformative. With the adoption of a digital returns platform, the home decor retailer has cut lead times by 50% and saved 7,000 hours of labor.

The challenges

For Nordic Nest, the extensive manual effort involved in processing returns and complaints posed a significant hurdle. Each case, whether a return or a complaint, necessitated manual intervention, including the printing of new labels and return forms. Moreover, a considerable volume of customer service inquiries pertained to returns, further adding to the workload. As the company outgrew its warehouse and embarked on a search for a larger space, the need to optimize and digitize their return operations became increasingly apparent.

Just a few years back, our return management process was deeply entrenched in the use of physical delivery notes and a cumbersome manual matching system.

Sofia Heineb├Ąck, Head of Customer Care

The solution

The partnership between Nordic Nest and Inretrn, which began in the summer of 2020, led to the careful crafting of a project plan. This plan was designed to seamlessly integrate the platform starting with a single market and gradually incorporating new features. A key part of this plan was a robust integration with the customer service system, Freshdesk, ensuring immediate internal and customer benefits. With the new digital returns platform, Nordic Nest can now offer paperless return labels, automated transport routing, variant exchanges, digital claims, and vouchers.

Moreover, the platform provides Nordic Nest with comprehensive insights into their returns management. This includes a daily operational overview featuring KPIs and trends, detailed customer analyses based on costs and behaviors, product overviews for immediate action, proactive monitoring to prevent costs and customer dissatisfaction, optimized warehouse return processes, and improved management of returns, exchanges, and complaints by customer service.

The greatest advantage of partnering with Inretrn is their grasp of ideas and processes. They offer valuable feedback, suggest enhancements, and take proactive steps. It’s clear we share a common objective! We’re extremely pleased with our collaboration!

Johan Torudd, Operations Developer Lead

The outcome

Nordic Nest has revolutionized their return management with a new platform, achieving paperless operations, cutting lead times in half, and saving a significant number of work hours. This platform has endowed them with the ability to efficiently analyze return data, enabling quick action on items with high return rates. For example, they can update product images with inaccurate color representation or more swiftly identify defective items, reducing the chances of customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, the company can now track and compare the performance of different brands in terms of complaints and returns, providing valuable insights for negotiations and future purchasing decisions.

We’ve successfully eliminated much of our manual work, resulting in a dramatic 50% reduction in the processing times for our returns and complaint handling processes.

Johan Torudd, Operations Developer Lead

Nodic Nest's impressive results

  • -50%

    less lead time

  • 7000h

    saved hours of labor

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