Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

The return experience

Let you take full control of your return experience

Return experience in numbers

  • +20%

    re-conversion through exchanges

  • -5%

    reduction in return rate

  • +10%

    increase in NPS

Return experience

Better returns. Happier customers.

Enhance your customer journey with a paperless digital returns process seamlessly integrated into your website. Achieve a fully digitized experience by incorporating transport documentation and QR codes into the system.

return experience

Increase reconversion

Boost re-conversion and customer loyalty by driving returns towards exchanges or offering vouchers.

return experience

Product flows
that flow

Take control with flexible shipping options empowering you to customize how and when products are dispatched.

Accelerate the financial side of returns through speedy refunds, ensuring a smooth process for efficiently managing discounts on defective goods.

With Inretrn, you will definitely find profitability.

Joakim Häll

Head of Customer Service, kids brand store

The lead time has significantly been reduced for both customer service and the warehouse.

Ted Bergner

CTO – Stellar Equipment

We have reduced our handling costs by 50%

Andreas Ericsson


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the platform handle variant exchange?

Yes, you have the ability to offer customers size and color exchanges in a smooth manner. This increases reconversion and ensures that customers stay with you and remain satisfied.

Can the platform handle customer claims efficiently?

Yes, it provides an advanced ability to capture information on product-level claims with the help of comments, images, and videos. You can configure it to capture different types of information for various products to obtain the most useful information possible

Is there flexibility to choose return carriers by market?

The platform offers flexibility to select different return carriers for each market, allowing you to tailor the return process according to regional needs and preferences.

Is there support for digital commercial invoices?

Yes, the platform supports digital commercial invoices, facilitating smoother and more efficient return and exchange processes.

Is the return policy customizable?

With our solution, it is easy to modify and create unique return policies based on country, market, product group, and similar factors. We can set refund amounts based on condition, type of item, shipping method, market, and exchanges simultaneously. You can also easily extend the return window during holidays and similar occasions.

How does your platform support our customer service team in managing and resolving return-related inquiries?

Our goal is to avoid the need to switch between different platforms. Our platform supports handling all return inquiries, where you can easily create queues and prioritize tasks. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your customer service system to make life as smooth as possible for you, automate processes, and reduce costs.

Can the system automatically categorize and prioritize support tickets based on urgency or other criteria?

Yes, of course. For us, it is important that our customers can work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Tickets are flagged and prioritized in the order that is most effective.