Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

Reduced CO2 emissions significantly

Nudie Jeans

With the potential for transport optimization within inretrn’s digital return platform, Nudie Jeans has successfully ensured that more than 1500 shipments remain in Australia instead of being returned to Sweden, thereby markedly reducing their CO2 emissions.

In line with Nudie’s commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint, they achieved another significant milestone with the implementation of inretrn by transitioning to a 100% paperless approach in their returns management.

The challenges

Nudie Jeans, a brand deeply committed to sustainability, operating in 54 countries confronted the need to cut costs and emissions in their global distribution. Their goal was to be in control of their return transportations and to minimize CO2 emissions. One of Nudie’s significant and costly challenges pre-project was managing returns to their stores in Australia. 

The primary focus was on implementing cost-effective and eco-friendly measures. Objectives also included gaining control over the entire supply chain and optimizing reverse logistics workflows.

We aimed to streamline our logistics by ensuring the most efficient and direct routes for dispatching and returning products, with a focus on minimizing emissions.

Ben Lundberg, Supply Chain Manager

The solutions

Nudie Jeans initiated the search for a returns management platform, exploring different options.  Among the options inretrn’s platform felt the most intuitive, aligning well with Nudie’s needs and offering the flexibility to scale up swiftly when needed. The project unfolded in collaboration with Centra, Voyado, Nyce, Sitoo and Infor M3. A unified project plan was established and adhered to throughout.

As we evaluted the leading players, Inretrn distinguished itself to us. Their commitment to remaining grounded and local resonated deeply with our values – attributes we greatly appreciate in our partners.

Melker Lindström, Digital Tech Lead

The result

Nudie Jeans now exercises total control over return logistics and possesses comprehensive insights into return data. By adopting a completely digitized return management system, the company has eliminated paper waste through digital return labels, automated transport routing, and established efficient, step-by-step procedures for handling returns at the warehouse.

Previously, returns would necessitate shipping products back to Sweden. However, after the project’s completion, Australian stores began managing returns locally, issuing immediate refunds. Since going live with Inretrn in April 2023, Nudie Jeans has kept over 1,500 pairs of jeans in Australia, a number that continues to grow. This effort significantly reduces the environmental impact by eliminating the need for these products to be returned to Sweden.

The numbers

Some impressive numbers

  • +1500

    Returns prevented by controlling return flows

  • 10 000

    Euros saved in returns

  • 100%

    paperless returns management approach

Fixing a big problem in our busy industry, where goods are sent all over the world, feels great. Making sure products stay in the country they’re sent to is a key step for us and aligns with both our business strategy and core values.

Ben Lunberg, Supply Chain Manager