Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

Better processes, better business.

Gain full control of your returns management

Revolutionize your return management with our platform, a cost-saving solution that guarantees satisfied customers, superior experiences, and reduced lead times from the very beginning.

warehouse and logistic team

Goodbye manual handling

Optimize your operational workflow by streamlining the prioritization of incoming goods and eliminating the need for manual handling.

Experience accelerated returns and efficient complaint resolution, all achieved with minimal training requirements. An automated decision-driven process enhances the overall efficiency of your operations.

customer service team

Cut lead times in half

Simplify and enhance your customer service by reducing cases through streamlined operations. Improve task prioritization, speed up customer refunds, and navigate cases effortlessly.

Accelerate case resolution using intelligent rules, strengthen connections with the warehouse for smoother processes, and easily customize policies for different markets to cater to your diverse customer base.

Business team

Up your ROR

Get increased conversions with seamless exchanges and heightened customer satisfaction for repeat business.

Experience faster customer refunds, unlock capital sooner with quicker sellable goods turnover, and get a more rapid return on investment ultimately reducing costs and boosting profits.

Tech team

Implementation in
no time

Empower your tech team with user-friendly headless APIs, ensuring swift implementation with minimal effort. Begin seamlessly with pre-built integrations and connectors. Customize as needed, effortlessly extracting and integrating data into your BI tool.

Embrace the true simplicity of SaaS on Microsoft Azure, making integration a breeze for your entire team.