Previously Easycom, now Inretrn

Inretrn teams up with Brink Commerce for better eCommerce processes

Inretrn, a premier digital return management provider has teamed up with Brink Commerce, known for its leading Composable Commerce solutions. This partnership aims to seamlessly integrate advanced return management into Brink Commerce’s robust eCommerce platform, enhancing customer experience, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

Fredrik Hedblom, CEO of Inretrn, highlights the benefits, stating, “Our collaboration offers a more integrated and efficient return management solution, elevating customer satisfaction and cutting operational costs.”

Kristian Tysander, CEO of Brink Commerce, adds, “Partnering with Inretrn allows us to provide global merchants with comprehensive support for all eCommerce processes, ensuring businesses can easily manage returns and improve overall customer experience.”

Key Benefits:

  • Full-scale partnership advantages
  • Scalable shopping and return flows for high volumes
  • Faster refunds
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Sustainable customer experiences

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For more details, visit Brink Commerce and Inretrn.

About Inretrn

Inretrn (formerly known as Easycom) is a leading cloud-native SaaS platform that helps global retailers to automate the whole process of item returns. They help e-commerce vendors and logistic providers to both reduce the number of returns and make returns management more efficient, with increased profitability and sustainability in focus.

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